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Seabrook Investment LLC

Our Lending program covers Home Loans, Refinancing, Consilidation Loans, Personal Loans, Business Loans and much more …

We Provide Verified & Secured Funding

We have a speedy online application process and we can get you approved in less than 24 hours. Start now, let's close your deal the soonest time possible

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Our Lending programs are ones that suite your needs

We close without Delay

Getting a loan from us is no rocket science. With the right guidance and doing what is to be done, you are covered

High Positive Reviews

You can judge us with our deals we couldn't fund because they are very few to none.


We offer very flexible programs that enables every class of people fit in. From low interest rates to long-term given loans.

Our Commitment to You

Our effective team are committed to building the most advanced, cutting-edge platforms for our clients. We are inquisitive and visionary minds.

Big thinkers who share our pride in delivering the ultimate in customer satisfaction and service.

Use our Online Speedy Application Form and get approved in no distant time

Your Application will be reviewed and once approved, we will get back to you as soon as possible. When not approved, we will advise on what's best for you and continue working with you until you get funded anyhow.

About Our Company

Seabrook Investment LLC is a privately held national lending firm based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We specialize in short-term commercial lending, with flexible financing options that are both fast and flexible.

Our lending program is designed to be efficient, creative and reliable and our approval process is built for speed and certainty of execution. Our experienced team has broad knowledge based in commercial real estate finance.

What's say about our client

Client Review

Take a moment to review what some of our clients are saying about our nation-wide top class lending services.

Paul was extremely patient all through the way of getting us through the process of funding. We totally recommend him. He is always professional and if wasn’t for him we would have given up

James D. Chappel

Tucson, AZ

Seabrook Investment LLC is a life saver. We didn't believe all processes by the way until we had our requested loan amount hit our account. We are really grateful to everyone at Seabrook Investment LLC for their wonderful lending service.

Sharon F. Fink

Honolulu, H

We recently closed on our very first home. Right from the start this company impressed me. My wife and I worked with Seabrook Investment LLC, and the entire house buying experience was quick and easy for us. They worked very hard to ensure everything was done by our estimated closing date.

David E. Campbell

Nashville, TN